Letter from an LEO daughter

The first post from our reader submissions:

The Thin Blue Line:

Too many civilians think that the Thin Blue Line is just a symbol for law enforcement officers. To me it symbolizes much more than that. To me, the Thin Blue Line represents integrity, strength, valor and camaraderie.

People don’t understand the kind of lives our LEO’s and their families lead. They wonder if their loved one will come home at the end of every shift, and know that their own lives might be in danger. They worry about backlash from a disgruntled client, or someone who felt they were ‘done wrong’ by the police, and they worry that a high-profile case, such as Ferguson, may cause people to think that it’s OK to target LEOs and their families because “That’s what’s fair.” Families that feel like they have to stay silent for fear of retaliation from the masses, and to be honest, that’s what’s not fair.

LEO’s are one of the few professions that are judged as a whole. Not all cops are bad, just like not all nurses are bad, and not all mechanics are bad. Think about your own families for just a moment. You love your family. They may not be saints, but they’re your family, and you love them, right? You want what’s best for them, to help them when they need you, and protect them the best that you can. It’s the same for us. The only exception is that we are a part of a much bigger family.

There’s a camaraderie there that most people won’t understand unless they’ve lived it. We rely on their partners, and other co-workers to bring each other home every night, safe and sound, because that’s what family does. Sometimes they might get in trouble, or have bad days, or struggle with something in their personal lives, but that’s when we stand beside them. We get them back on their feet and try to steer them in the right direction or get them the help that they need.

They are human, and humans make mistakes, just like anybody else. They have lives, and family and friends, just like anyone else. They just want to make it home safe, and spend time with their loved ones. There is a heart behind that badge. That’s what I would want the general public to understand. That is what the Thin Blue Line is to me.

A LEO daughter



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