POS Alert: Antonio Buehler

Antonio Buehler is a special kind of silly.  He is copblocker who resides in Austin, Texas.  Mr. Buehler fronts the site called peaceful streets project and like all the sites run by copblocker and knuckledicks it isn’t about peaceful streets its about confronting officers and breeding hate.




Buehler has made an attempt at being an educated man when he attended Harvard University.  Of course he hasn’t put that to good use because of his xbox and cheesy poofs in mom’s basement.  He does however think he is a lawyer and “knows his rights”. 


            Mr. Harvard. Dad is so proud

His pathetic little group of anti social degenerates like to preach peaceful streets but then follow Austin officers around yelling things like ” fuck the police ” and other uneducated terms to try and antagoize them.  Which of course doesn’t work.  Like most other anti police losers he has a criminal record and currently has a pending case which he is losing.


The justice system to this point has done what’s it is suppose to, jail thugs like Buehler and protects others from frivolous lawsuits and prosecution. Buehler has another thing in common with people who hate police, as in the fact that they always expect someone else to fund their ridiculous campaigns.


Ah yes, the mark of a successful man, begging for money on Facebook. If I was his father I would be turning that sweatshirt inside out.

Buehler even attempted a run at the office of Public Safety Commissioner, which of course was like most other things in his life, a complete failure. Most of society and residents of any given city are intelligent and don’t want cop haters and people with poor attitudes running their city. The residents of Austin want to be protected from people like Buehler but sometimes those officers need your protection from him. So the next time you see Buehler harassing your officers, let him know how you feel about that. Remember, officers are human beings just like you and no one wants to be called names by someone like this. Mr. Buehler, move out of moms house and leave the people alone who serve their community. How about you find a way to serve it instead of being a drain on it.



4 thoughts on “POS Alert: Antonio Buehler

  1. “So the next time you see Buehler harassing your officers, let him know how you feel about that.”

    A few years ago Buehler told a police officer in my local town of Gonzales to “go fuck yourself!”

    And I did just what you are challenging us all to do here. I let him know how I felt about that. I was the foreman of the jury on his most recent trial here in Gonzales county. I let him know, and the county know, very clearly that I protect his right to free speech.

    I stood loud and strong in that jury room that day for people like Buehler, and for people like you to have the freedom to call him a name-caller while calling him names. For all of us.

    Thank you for the challenge. I hope others will follow. I will continue to support anyone who screams in his face that they want him to stop, while also standing against unlawful arrests and his right to call cops “pigs.”

    I do it for all of us. Your reminder is a good one. I’m so thankful we still have the freedom to adamantly and publicly disagree with the police and with one another.


    • No one is disagreeing with his right to free speech but as you know, or maybe you don’t, that speech has limitations and sometimes has consequences. I glad you became such a fan of his though. You sound very enamoured with him. Maybe I follow you around calling you a pig, see how you enjoy it. Haven’t we moved beyond that as a society? How about if I followed caitlyn Jenner around calling him names? Would we find that acceptable and free speech. Freedom of speech was about being able to disagree with your government, not follow its citizens around harassing them. They are still citizens of that community. Mayne you should read up on 1st amendment exceptions. I find it very odd that you found this little post only one day after its writing. I am doubting the jury story and more like his associate

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      • I can understand your questions about my identity, considering how easy anonymity can be on the internet.

        I follow Antonio on Facebook and he posted this article earlier today. I have been following his posts since the trial. You can find my name in the Gonzales newspaper as the jury foreman. You are welcome to find me on Facebook (my replies here are linked to my Facebook account) if you have any question as to who I am.


        I am a small business owner in Gonzales, Texas (www.hillshadervpark.com) as well as a parent coach (www.christineparentcoaching.com).

        I do believe that all of my posts about the trial and my part in it are public posts down my Facebook wall. I invite you to check those out as well.


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